How to Install the Tracking Code for Google Analytics on Your Blogger or Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

How to add Google Analytics to Your Blogger or WordPress Blog

This post is meant to go along with the extensive SEO for Bloggers eBook that will be ready very soon. To prepare yourself to take full advantage and get your SEO underway, you should install Google Analytics as soon as possible. This way, by the time you get around to implementing the valuable information in the eBook, you’ll have the data you need to understand what content you should optimize.

The first step is to sign up for a Google Analytics account. Select web site and universal analytics (see below) and fill out the remainder of the form to get your tracking ID.

Google Analytics

Your tracking ID will begin with the letter U. There will also be a javascript code on the same page that you can use if you can install code in the head section of your site. To install Google Analytics on your Blogger or WordPress blog, you only need the tracking ID

Google Analytics(1)


To install the tracking code in Blogger, go to SETTINGS > OTHER. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your tracking ID. Then hit SAVE SETTINGS and you’re ready to go.

Blogger- Acrassy Test Blog - Other settings


There is currently not a way to install Google Analytics on a blog. These instructions will only work on a self-hosted WordPress blog.

You can install Google Analytics on a self-hosted WordPress blog two different ways. If you are using a premium theme such as Genesis that allows you to add lines of code in the <head> tag, then take the javascript code and paste it there. In Genesis, you can access this by going to GENESIS > THEME SETTINGS

Theme Settings ‹ Acrassy — WordPress(1) copy

If you are not using a premium theme, you can install the Google Analytics plugin.  Once the plugin is installed, go to SETTINGS > GOOGLE ANALYTICS and enter the tracking ID in the only field on that page. Then save your settings and you’re done.

Google Analytics ‹ Acrassy — WordPress

That’s it. After a few weeks you’ll have enough data to start making better choices when it comes to your design and marketing.

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