You Can Do It: Build a Brand

I wish I had known about Open Brand sooner. It could have saved me so much time trying to understand what my clients wanted to convey with their brand, with fewer emails!

Instead of extracting bits of information a little at a time, I can have my clients fill out an Open Brand profile and just dump everything they have into one place. Then we can discuss all the existing brand assets once I know what I’m working with.

Small businesses that take their branding seriously and manage their own brand can do so much with Open Brand. It keeps all of your branding assets such as your fonts, images, logos, stationary, etc. organized and in one place so when passing along materials to a designer or a marketer, he or she can understand all of the elements in relation to each other.

It also helps small businesses develop their brand mission, values and attributes by having sections attributed to each. If you didn’t think these things through when you were writing a business plan, now would be a great time to decide in what direction you want to take your business.

Small businesses can build a profile for free so if you’re getting ready to¬†overhaul¬†your brand or finally step up your branding, I highly recommend it. Open Brand will guide you step by step.

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My name is Felicia and I am a marketer who puts in the long hard, data and design driven hours to create intelligently-designed websites. My purpose in this life is to give individuals the ability to tap into their own power and affect change in their own lives. I do this mostly by helping small personality-driven businesses increase their sales, clarify their missions and become more efficient.

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